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Churches' National Adviser in Further Education
John Breadon is currently Chaplain at St. George's Post 16 Centre in Birmingham, a charity, community centre and FE college. He has been an ordained priest in the Church of England since 2001. He studied at the universities of St. Andrews and Birmingham. He loves to read above all things and finds more Christian truth in literature than in most works of theology. He is a staunch supporter of assisted dying for the terminally ill and is a trustee of a charity connected to this cause called Compassion in Dying. To further his belief in Divine Love and the ability of God to bring hope out of hopeless things he supports Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. He loves music, especially: Brahms, Mahler, Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith and Eels. He doesn't have a TV but is quite devoted to watching rented DVDs. He is married to Alison, a Quaker, and currently lives in a cheap house in Birmingham.