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The links below provide the staff development handbook in A4 and A5 Size in PDF format they have 300 pages. The first draft was done compiled in 2010.

Please note all the materials can be found on the website under topic material as well.

Handbook A4

Handbook A5

The handbook consists of introductory materials for teachers, followed by a series of short contributions on Common Themes, on selected topics across religious and non-religious worldviews. These contributions are written from the perspectives of individual team members - they are not formal statements from each faith community or Humanists.

• Firstly, there is an introductory section, with suggestions and guidance on how to introduce, manage and deliver topics in SMSC, and an AFAN programme in your local context.

• Secondly there are the ‘Big Questions’ and bullet-point summaries, suitable for flashing up on screen (all materials are on the website: - as bite-sized introductions or starters for each theme or topic.

• Once decisions have been made on suitable topics and questions, go to the longer contributions from the faith or belief traditions you have selected for fuller information.

NB the bullet-point approach is dangerous – if you don’t go on to read the full text. If you don’t read the Buddhist essays, you won’t understand how much of this form of spirituality depends on you as an individual - and on your own way of thinking about life and what we are doing here. If you miss the Christian and Jewish texts, you won’t get a sense of how much the history of religion from Old to New Testament and through the Reformation and Enlightenment has affected current debates on values and belief – which are still dividing the churches and secular society. Much the same are some of the Muslim contributions, while the Hindu and Sikh essays demonstrate what a different starting point the ‘Eastern’ religions have in common.


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