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Care of the Earth part of a term plan

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Please see attachments at bottom for more material to support session. Appendix B

Lesson Plan

Date: Time: Duration: College Site & Room:

Course: Subject: Pastoral Tutorial No. of students: On register: Present:

Topic: AFAN: Care of the Earth 1

Lesson aims: (teacher’s intentions)

  • To introduce AFAN topics and introduce a number of perspectives on ethics

Specific learning outcomes: (what you intend students to achieve in this lesson)

  • To understand the environmental impact our society is having on the world

  • To gain a basic understanding of how different religions view ‘Care of the Earth’

Assessment method(s): (how each learning outcome will be assessed)

  • group discussion

  • worksheets

Previous knowledge assumed: Some

Materials and equipment required

PC & projector, whiteboard, pens, handouts

Time/ Stage

Subject Matter/Content

Teacher Activity

Student Activity


Core Skills



00:00 – 00:05


Icebreaker: what is one thing you do to protect the environment?

Introduce Icebreaker

Students answer individually

00:05 – 00:10

Starter: Watch National Geographic Video ‘Global Warming 101’

Ask students if they do any of suggestions in video

Play video

Watch video/ volunteers answer

00:10 – 00:20

In small groups: hand out different world view sheets on ‘Care of the Earth’.  Please note these are summarys - the full essays can be found on teh webiste. Each group to summarise in 1 sentence why care of the earth is important to this belief

Hand out Hindu/ Humanist/ Buddhist etc. sheets on ‘Care of the Earth’

Read sheet in small groups. One person to write down summary

World view sheets (attached)/ pens/ paper needed

00:20 – 00:35

Each group feeds back to class: why care of the earth important to this belief. Ask each group to state whether they agree/ disagree with this belief

Teacher elicits answers from groups

Read out answers from own sheets

00:35 – 00:40

Explain to class that they are going to work in small groups to come up with one idea to save environment linked to the religion/ belief they have looked at

Explain concept

Students ask questions

00:40 -00:50

Students have ten minutes to produce a ‘thought-shower’ of possible environment-saving ideas connected to the world view they have looked at. Give out ‘100 ways to save the earth’ handout for ideas

Teacher monitors groupwork

Students work in small group to produce mindmap

100 ways to save the earth’ handout

Flipchart paper and pens needed

00:50 – 00:55

Plenary: explain to group that activity will carry on next lesson. Take in ‘Thought showers’

Hand in mindmap

Evaluation of Lesson






Areas for Development




Action points for the next lesson

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