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My Buddhist World View

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My Buddhist World View


Buddhism is a collection of teachings that point to the truth, or the way things are. It is based on exploring the human condition from within, as a direct experience. Buddhism can be a complex religion of rites and rituals and can be as simple as a act of generosity. Buddha did not found Buddhism, his followers created it. The Buddha, which means the awakened one, taught the Dhamma the laws of nature. When one is awake, one sees the laws of nature.


There are many forms of Buddhism, as it developed to the country and the personality types of that country. I am a Buddhist Monk in the Thai Forest Tradition, which has its origins in a simple forest life in Thailand (watch a video here). The foundation of the practice in Thai Forest style and most forms of Buddhism, is the Four Noble Truths. Which can simple put as “there is suffering and there is a way out of it.” Where suffering is not something we create but something we recognise as core to existence in very much the same way as a body is to being human. In order to recognise this, contemplative inquiry is used. This inquiry challenges our dualistic thinking, our social, cultural, political and religious habits, which limit our world view. The core of this inquiry is based on awareness, an inherent ability to recognise ones own being without getting caught up in it and which when fully recognised gives ultimate joy, well-being, contentment and blessings.


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