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Introduction to Buddhism and Violence

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 Buddhism is widely perceived as a religion of non-violence. There are the often used quotes from the Dhammapada "Hate does not appease hate" and "Do good, refrain from wrong, purify the mind." I thought as part of this exploration I would surf the Internet for some resources and then was reminded by the search outcomes of some of the Buddhist countries and their use of violence, especially Burma. With the training that I have had as a Buddhist I am reminded to reflect (a non-thinking process) or contemplate (a thinking process) on the subject.


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Paul Kivel Violence Prevention Educator


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Kung Fu Monks Don't Get a Kick Out of Fighting


By GEOFFREY A. FOWLER and JULIET YE, WSJ, December 14, 2007 Famous Shaolin Temple Spurns Beijing Games, Sparking Trash Talk From Rivals


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A speech by Chan Master Sheng Yen the global conference on "The Use of Religion to Incite for Violence and Terrorism" at the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium on May 21 2003:


Read the transcript here


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