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Death Buddhist Scripture

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Transient are all compounded things;
To rise to fall, their nature is.
Having become, they pass away;
Their final rest is the highest bliss.
Maha-Parinibbana Sutta
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I am of the nature to age; I have not gone beyond ageing.
I am of the nature to sicken, I have not gone beyond sickness.
I am of the nature to die, I have not gone beyond dying.
All that is mine, beloved and pleasing, will become otherwise, will become
separated from me.
I am the owner of my kamma, heir to my kamma, born of my kamma, related to my kamma, abide supported by my kamma. Whatever kamma I shall do, for good or for ill, of that I will be the heir.
Thus we should frequently recollect.

Neither in the sky nor in mid-ocean,

nor by entering into mountain clefts,

nowhere in the world

is there a place where one will not

be overcome by death.

Dhammapada 128 from here


Heedfulness is the path to the Deathless.
Heedlessness is the path to death.
The heedful die not.
The heedless are as if dead already.
The Dhammapada, verse 21
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There is, monks, an unborn... unbecome... unmade... unfabricated. If there were not that unborn... unbecome... unmade... unfabricated, there would not be the case that emancipation from the born... become... made... fabricated would be discerned. But precisely because there is an unborn... unbecome... unmade... unfabricated, emancipation from the born... become... made... fabricated is discerned.

Nibbana Sutta

 "No matter where you prepare your last bed, Walking Skeletons
No matter where the sword of death falls,
The terrifying messengers of death descend,
Horrid and giant; and glare with thirsty eyes.

Friends and family, weeping, surround you.
Eyeing your wealth and possessions,
They offer prayers and enshroud you.
Unprepared, you pass away;
Helpless and alone."
From 'Songs of spiritual change'
(transl. Glenn Mullin)
by His Holiness the 7th Dalai Lama

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