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The above video is a short 15 minute video about AFAN - you can also get a DVD from here

As of 12/2010 you no longer have to register to see all the teacher section. If you would like to register and stay in contact with what AFAN is offering please go here


We are a group of people with different worldviews, religious and non-religious who are exploring some of the big questions in life from our personal viewpoints. You can find out more about us by clicking on images on the front page or next to any piece of information on the website.

Please note that this site is to facilitate a dialogue amongst your students. We have tried to provide external links to website we feel offer good information on the different worlds basics (go to teachers menu then weblinks, or look at latest stuff). Simple overviews can be found under the worldviews menu. The website was intially setup for (14-19years student) in  further education colleges in the United Kingdom.

AFAN is…

An educational facility and forum for discussion for FE students and teachers (and anyone else who can utilize it!)

A tool to provide students with the vocabulary to tackle life’s big questions

Exploring common ground while creating individuals with the ability to understand and engage with difference and diversity

A model of dialogue

More information about here


If you have any ideas or suggestions and/or have time to send us a lesson plan that would be great - email



The AFAN Team


Quick  Links

Session Plans here 

Summary's of worldviews on the themes

How this Site works

How to Search

Youtube/visual clips

News items - many of the contributors use current news items to explore the themes.


Possible uses of AFAN Material

Guidelines for AFAN session

More about AFAN and Management

Please also look under teacher menu - you will see more information (you no longer have to register to use this site, if you do register we will be able to let you know of new ideas and projects we are involved in.)

This website supports RSS feeds - which allows you to receive any new content to your email or google/yahoo webpage. More about here

Contribute content here




How this site works 

The basic working of the website is based on taking various themes and explore them using Big question (eg body).  The theme is explored in more detail using the stuff section of the website.

The website is setup to be a learning tool in itself. So when ever you access a stuff page you will see a list of tags (the size of tag is the amount of information used on) on the right handside. This will take you to more information based on that word.

Each contributor has written a essay on many of themes on the website have a look here

How to Search

There are many ways to search this site  on the front page you can do a word or phrase search.

To find a specific piece of information you go here (it will open in a new window). You can select multipletags to search on for example Humanist, politics or Jewish, Freedom.  If you want to find a specific type of material you can also use the material tag such a visual or newsitems.

Tag Clouds give you a more generic to explore.




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