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AFAN Research Project

The outcome of the research is now available at the link below (29th June 2013)

All Faiths and None (AFAN) Research Project

Project Director:  Prof. Andrew Wright, King’s College, London
Principal Researcher: Dr Elina Wright, University of Helsinki and King’s College, London


The research project aims to investigate variation in teaching and learning in the field of spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, using the AFAN approach, in order to identify good educational practice. It also aims to develop a deeper understanding of the educational process employed in SMSC teaching, specifically in AFAN sessions, and to use that understanding to inform, support and enhance future education and learning in SMSC development. This research will explore following questions:
What kinds of aims, intentions and pre-understandings do students and teachers bring to the AFAN Sessions?
How is the session topic engaged with by students and teachers during AFAN Sessions?
What do students and teachers actually learn as a result of the AFAN Sessions?
How can teaching and learning be enhanced in future AFAN Sessions?

This research focuses on different ways in which a particular topic is handled by students and teachers to improve learning.  The foremost task of the research is not only to evaluate AFAN session plans but also to understand what constitutes a good practice: why and how the session works to promote students’ learning. The focus is not on the qualities or role of the teachers but on the practices which make learning possible.


You can download the full proposal with the link below

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