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AFAN Charity Information

AFAN - All Faiths and None is now a registered charity No.1137477

April 2011


AFAN has completed the development outputs for the two year Jerusalem Trust funding 2009-10.  The website is functioning well, with up-to-the-minute new material, video-clips etc, and is being used in at least 70 colleges.  The Teachers’ Handbook has been published, and the supporting AFAN DVD has been distributed to all colleges, and new vocational materials will have been developed by the end of the funding period.

In addition, Key Awarding Bodies have agreed to a joint project to introduce SMSC into vocational programme specifications.  A successful AFAN pilot programme has been undertaken, and an initial staff development programme is under way.  Of the 350 FE colleges: 15 were AFAN pilot colleges, some 50 have had Staff Development Workshops, and some 20 have had other forms of support in introducing AFAN.

New funding from the Trust (2011-12) will enable AFAN to continue its core programme, although the more ambitious targets of reaching all colleges would depend on securing replacement funding for the LSC grants which have provided more than half of AFAN funding over the period 2009-10.

The full Annual Report can be downloaded  in PDF format here