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Christian Festivals

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1. Christmas
December 25th (fixed): Celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ to his mother, Mary, and Joseph in Bethlehem in the outhouse of an inn. Time for family gathering, presents and meal with turkey, Christmas pudding, etc.

2. Lent
February-March: 40-day period of prayer and fasting, starting with Ash Wednesday leading up to Crucifixion/Easter.

3. Good (holy) Friday
April (moveable date): Day of prayer and remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Solemn processions following the 12 stages of his journey to crucifixion.

4. Easter
April: Day of celebration of Jesus' victory over death, through his resurrection and eternal life. Family gatherings, Easter eggs and meal.

5. Whitsun or Pentecost
40 days after Easter: Day of celebration of Jesus' disciples gathering, receiving the Holy Spirit and beginning their mission of spreading the good news of Jesus' life.

6. Feast of Mary's Assumption
August 15th (in Catholic tradition): Feast of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and her reception into eternal life.

7. All Saints
November 1st: Feast celebrating the lives of all the great saints of the Christian tradition (preceded by All Souls, October 31, commemorating the dead)

8. Advent
Season of 40 days preparation and looking forward to the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas
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