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A Sikh perspective on GOD

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The word God in Gurmukhi (Sacred language of the Sikhs) is Akal Purakh or Parmatma (supreme soul). The description given below appears on the first page of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib ( the sacred scriptures of the Sikhs) and is the primal definition of God.


One Universal Creator God.

The Name Is Truth.

Creative Being Personified.

No Fear.

No Hatred.

Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent.

By Guru's Grace

(SGGS p.1)


Sikhs believe that there is One Master soul which is often referred to as Husband lord and we are all his soul brides. The Guru, our spiritual teacher, is the one that takes us from darkness and leads us to light. The spiritual teacher embedded in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib are guidance for the whole of humanity and enable us to live as originally and as organically as the divine. The teachings allow us to celebrate and enjoy life while providing tools and techniques to overcome our fears and live as free spirits.


The idea is that all humanity is made in GOD. Mother Nature is there to support and guide us. She provides us with the air that we breathe, the water and the fire without which we cannot function. She brings us dark and light helping us to connect to the planet through prayer (Sikhs pray at dawn and dusk daily) and provides us with the majestic sky as a roof over our heads. The night of ignorance can be long when we are not connected to our beloved, the question is how to bring the enlightenment of dawn to our life. The example given in the scriptures demonstrates that the aim of life is union with the divine. The Guru gives an example below in which our soul is invited to awaken from the darkness of ignorance, not knowing God, and connect to our true creator.


O painful sleep, grow shorter, so that I may awake and constantly grasp his feet.

(SGGS p. 544)


Religion has to explain to us our reality, not a philosophy. If human beings feel bad, there must be an explanation as to why they feel bad, and how from feeling bad can they feel good; that is religion. The reason why God is constantly referred to as the husband is because religion is the relationship between a woman/man and her/his reality guided by the technique or technology of a Master. In relation with the other, we find our truth as our partner becomes our mirror and allows us to learn and grow especially when we are acting out of ego or anger. Our partner challenges us and encourages us to walk away from selfish acts and through compromise and sacrifice we are able to live with the others and ourselves in harmony.


The search for God

The Sikh teachings oblige us to engage in the world. The only way to reach God is to live life on earth, to become householders, raise families and honour the three pillars. To find God on earth, we need only to look deep within ourselves and meditate, earn an honest living and then share what we have with others.


Therefore we are free and will never be slaves for the rest of our lives, we have no choice but to grow and growth has to be perpetual. The progression of our existence is to keep honour, respect, trust and faith. We must try not to fall into the trap of maya (illusion), anger, lust, attachment, ego, but instead focus on serving others, reaching out to the God in others:


Sweet is that season when I remember you

Sublime is that work which is done for you

Blessed is the heart in which you dwell, O giver of all

You are the Universal father of all, O my Lord my master.

(SGGS p. 97)

Sikhs believe when they serve others, they are serving God, and in the words of Yogi Bhajan: ‘If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.'



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