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All Faiths And None

Welcome to AFAN, the website for this Inter-Faith/Belief Programme, containing resources for use in dialogue and group discussions in formal and informal settings, primarily for young people, in educational and community contexts. AFAN works for equality, diversity and mutual understanding, and against discrimination and intolerance on grounds of religion or belief at national and local levels.  Resources include both visual 'stuff' - video-clips, web-links, articles - and written materials on the 'Big Questions' of life and work, from God and Death to Sex, and from Freedom to Violence. To arrange a visit from a team member contact: .

AFAN is a registered charity, with initial funding from government sources,with a team consisting of people with very different worldviews: both religious - Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and Pagan - and non-religious - Humanist and Atheist - committed to exploring faith, belief and values within and across the diverse traditions we come from. We do not claim to have all the answers, and the perspectives we present are personal and not necessarily shared by others with the same worldview. The resources are designed to be fun to use, and to stimulate discussion, reduce intolerance, build mutual understanding, and encourage recognition of common values and unique differences.

More information about the purpose and features of this site, can be found below by clicking on one of the buttons below.  To see a short video about the project, scroll down to the YouTube window below

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A short introduction to AFAN  - long version here 

On the website you can also find short essays on a range of some 20 topics. Then look at videos, music and images exploring the same topics from each of the team's perspectives. Teachers wanting to use these resources will find the necessary tools to facilitate this in the Teachers’ section of this site. 

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Other news

ENORB - European Network on Religion and Belief

The European Network on Religion and Belief is a European organisation based in Brussels, of which AFAN was a founding member more here

Introducing Rolf and Raheed two new members of the AFAN team.

Rolf Mason is the AFAN lead tutor for the Northern region, based in Bradford, where he also coordinates the West Yorkshire Further Education Chaplaincy project. He has significant experience in multi-faith work with young people, including three years as the Lead Chaplain of the Bradford College Multi-Faith chaplaincy team.

Raheed Salam is the Development Officer as well as a tutor for AFAN. He has long experience of working with young people, both in the Muslim Community and in multi-faith contexts. He is also a social entrepreneur in North London, and a member of the National Council of fbfe.


September 2013 AFAN and fbfe (the National Council of Faiths and Beliefs in Further Education) are now working on a joint programme

August 2013 AFAN is now on Twitter @AFAN_FE and @AFAN_NORTH

June 2013 Great News - We know have a team member for the North part of England - Introducing Rolf see more about him and the project here 

17/5/2013 AFAN faciliators to Liverpool colleges 2-7th June.   Leeds/Yorkshire/NW area 12th -25th june.

14/3/2013 AFAN continues to support colleges, staff and students to explore the big questions in life. We now have a intern helping us to co-ordinate programs in the colleges.

14/5/2012 Updated list of Pagan topic Material here 

8/5/2012 AFAN heads to Europe - The European Network on Religion and Belief - ENORB -

24/4/2012 - Well over the last months the team have been busy delivering session to Colleges. We have also added a large number of essays on different themes from the core team. Have a look here

17/10/2011 We have a few slots left for interfaith week - please contact us if you you would like one of team members to come and visit during this time (20-26th November)

21/9/2011 Following our busy Summer term CPDS. We are again organizing our free staff development workshops for the Autumn term email for more information.

4/5/2011 - Navleen and Amaranatho AFAN team members will be offering  day and weekend interbelief young people retreats you can find out more here

11/4/2011 Many colleges ask us to come to CPD days in June and July please register early to avoid disappointment. Conact here

3/4/2011 Research is being carried out about the effectiveness of the AFAN approach more  at

2/4/2011 - AFAN is now a registered charity number No.1137477 (full report here)

INTER-FAITH WEEK WALK THROUGH THE WEST MIDLANDS –  November 2010 - More details to come about walk soon -see the photos here

October 2010 - AFAN will be part of the SMSC  (spiritual/moral/social/cultural) master classes (more info here)  and also the FBFE National Conference

We are busy with staff devlopment workshop and learner session for the Autumn term .


8/8/2010 For Teachers a five week tutorial plan - have a look here

Thanks to a Tutor from the College of West Kent.

1/8/2010 AFAN has been busy over July running many Staff development sessions with  staff and management 

1/6/2010 Want to know what a learner session looks like - here are some pictures.

25/5/2010 AFAN team members have been out on the road visiting colleges speaking to staff, arranging staff development workshops, part of this was a pilgrimage from London to Cantebury. You can see the pictures here

Read about pilgrimage in November 2009 - here 

What the team says about pilgrimage (double click on video to see on bigger screen)

11/2009  see what we have to say about climate change here

12/10/2009  AFAN interfaith walk 16th-21st Nov more here

10/10/2009 What is AFAN -  A 15 minute video introduction version on line here (also available on DVD - contact here)

22/9/2009 You can now comment about any article without logging in or registering. We also have a regular blog and a sitemap

20/5/2009 - Summaries of the themes from the perspectives of the different worldviews here (please read the topic material as well)

AFAN is now on Flickr - have a look here and also now on youtube here


9/3/2009 IMPORTANT NEWS From Youtube UK music blocked more here - because of this some of our visuals may not be available.

The new AFAN website went live in December 2008 and the site will continually be added too. Please feel free to join our community by registering, so you can share you comments. The forum will be available 2009.